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Parts | 14 results

  • Jaeger 'Eau' water temp

    Jaeger water temp 'Eau'

    diameter: 52...

  • Jaeger 'amperes' 52 mm

    Jaeger 'amperes' 52 mm
    black face ,...

  • Jaeger 'huile' oil pressure

    Jaeger 'huile'

    oil pressure gauge :...

  • Jaeger 8 jours

    jaeger 8 jours  8 days...

  • Jaeger dashboard controllights green

    Jaeger dashboard controllights green diameter...

  • Jaeger ignition key

    Jaeger ignition key
    remake !

  • Jaeger ignition switch with key

    Jaeger ignition switch wit key for...

  • Jaeger Mag-Nivo fuel

    Jager Mag Nivo fuel gauge


  • Jaeger rev counter

    Jaeger rev counter

    diameter 125...

  • Jaeger rev. counter

    Jaeger rev counter: diameter 80...

  • Jaeger switch with key

    Jaeger ignition switch with key

  • Jaeger tire pressure gauges

    Jaeger ( Prelac) tire pressure gauges

  • Jaeger water temp 130gr.

    Jaeger water temperature...

  • Jaeger windscreen opener

    Jaeger windshield opener:  commande...